Hope Story

Although Colombia is a democracy, it has a history marked with armed conflict, and criminal organizations. During the recent conflict a humanitarian crisis arose, and millions of people were displaced from their homes and migrated to urban cities, including an estimated 2.3 million children.  

Since 2010, Tiempo de Paz has served children aged 5-12 who are vulnerable to malnutrition, sexual and substance abuse, and who have high psychological and social needs. Initially started by leaders in the CENFOL church, they wanted to share the Gospel with at-risk youth and provided a protected space for spiritual, emotional and physical development. In addition to nutritional and academic support, staff and volunteers also provide training to families to promote healthy lifestyles.

Today Tiempo de Paz operates a before and after-school program in two communities. Children have access to sports programs, academic support, and professional counseling services. 

For more information visit: www.hopestory.ca