Felix & Cecelia Chiriseri

We are Felix, Cecelia and Hannah Chiriseri.  We live in the city of Pretoria in South Africa.  Our mission is simple – we want to be catalysts for change.  Walking alongside pastors and community leaders, we provide discipleship training while at the same time helping to identify challenges and brainstorm ways they can meet them head-on.  We come alongside and motivate the community to take responsibility for their own futures while looking to God to lead them.  We encourage communities to create teams, who will implement specific initiatives to better their situation, so the community has ownership of the solutions.

We provide assistance where needed in areas such as: Community Health Evangelism (CHE); CCP child sponsorship; training – discipleship, job skills, basic life skills, HIV/AIDS; children’s ministry; youth ministry. Our goal is to help people know God, to be self-sufficient, empowered and equipped to live lives full of purpose and for the glory of God.  

For more information visit: www.facebook.com/Felix.Cecelia