Light of the World

Our mission is to NURTURE friendships with people living in poverty to help meet their physical and spiritual needs through Jesus Christ. We support individuals who are battling with mental/physical challenges, addiction, isolation, suicidal ideation, and family breakdown. We provide spiritual care to those in hospital or hospice. Our team steps in with simple memorial services for sudden deaths to bring Hope and Comfort.

Since Covid 2020, the Holy Spirit led us into the community with teams of young adults and seniors to distribute groceries and hot meals; and to PRAY and ENCOURAGE people living in low-income rental units, including tent cities, and Robert Kerr Manor apt building. We provided accommodation to people who were homeless at our Intermediate Christian Home. The Holy Spirit led us to meet in parks, parking lots, apartment lounges and in our home to engage in BIBLE studies and to PRAY!! Thanks to God for our volunteers from various churches and for our faithful donors!

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