Sunday services are composed of many parts, each aimed to glorify God through various forms of worship. Audio, video, lighting and set design are all coming together as a creative pallet to present the message clearly, creatively and with excellence.

We are working towards every moment being memorable to those who are attending and experiencing God in our services. Also, our online viewership is climbing rapidly, so we are designing our services with this important ministry platform in mind. 


Worship is more than just a song we sing or a note we play. Worship is our lives being fully engaged to God. It is where our action and words align. When we join together in worship, we know we join with Heaven and declare the hope and power of our Lord Jesus!

It is our heart to engage with fearless worship, and enter into God’s Presence with grateful hearts! Our song to Jesus is withholding nothing, and our hearts are expecting a new move of God in our gatherings. We are a church that hosts the presence of God – He is alive and so is our worship!


We strive to utilize tech, music and visual arts to engage the eyes, ears and hearts of all who gather, to the message and greatness of our Saviour.

At the core of Calvary, CELEBRATION is a key component to what we value.  Our worship is exciting and we love to celebrate the great things God has done. We recognize with celebration,  it can get loud so we’ve taken a few extra steps to ensure a safe sound level environment. If you’d like to read more CLICK HERE.

We are directed in Psalm 33:1-3 about singing a new song! We like to keep our worship selection current and fresh!

We like to feature some of our worship songs on Spotify.  This allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy and be familiar with our worship while at home, the gym or even on the early morning commute throughout the week.