(updated March 21, 2022)

Calvary will continue with services at all four of our campuses, and we are so glad to be able to gather together in person. If you have any questions during your visit, please ask any of the atrium volunteers wearing a yellow Calvary volunteer lanyard: they will be happy to assist you! 

Calvary Connect and Guest Central are open on Sunday mornings (Cambridge & Ayr campuses). If you have any questions after the service, visit Calvary Connect in the Atrium and one of our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers will help you.  If you are visiting for the first time, stop by Guest Central for more information about Calvary, and a free gift!

Calvary Online Service will still continue. We understand that it makes sense for some individuals and families to continue to stay home. We invite you to continue to join us at 11am for the livestream.

Whether you decide to attend in person or online, we pray that this will be a great experience for you and your family to meet with God!


(updated March 21, 2022)

As of March 21, 2022, mask requirements in the church building have been lifted.

As of March 1, 2022, gathering limits in public indoor spaces have been removed, including social distancing requirements.

As a result, we are pleased to share the following changes:

  • Mask wearing is no longer required at Calvary.  If you would prefer to still wear a mask, you are absolutely welcome to continue doing so.

  • Seating in our sanctuary (all campuses) is now at full capacity.  This will definitely help us to accommodate the many new faces coming to Calvary on Sunday mornings.  Of course, we encourage everyone to  continue to be aware and considerate of others around you, and if you are able to leave space, please do so. If you have any questions about where to sit, please ask one of our friendly ushers at the sanctuary doors.

  • Cambridge Campus Socially Distanced Seating Section: For those who would still currently feel more comfortable sitting socially distanced, we will temporarily reserve two sections in the sanctuary to remain socially distanced (every other row, three seats in between). See the map diagram for more info. 

  • The cafe at all three locations are now open and we encourage you to stop by and purchase a coffee or cold beverage on your way into or out of the sanctuary.



9:15AM & 11:00AM

CLASSES FOR ALL AGE GROUPS (Pre-School – Grade 6) will be available, and lead by volunteers. 

The Nursery and Family Rooms will be open for use.  These will be parent-supervised only, and will have a video feed to the service.

Kids Activity Packs will be available at the Kids Check In desk if kids stay in the main service.



  • Class openings and arrangements are subject to adjustments, based on volunteers each week.
  • Parents, we need more volunteers in order to continue to keep our classrooms open.  Would you consider volunteering?




Kids will first attend worship with parents at 10:00AM. Kids will be then be dismissed for their classes: Preschool – SK, Grade 1-3, and Grade 4-6. Kids ministry will be led by volunteers. 



Kids@Calvary will be available for JK – Grade 6 in one class together. Once a month, kids will stay for worship before being dismissed to their class!

The Family Room will also be available for parents to use with babies and preschool children.  This room has an audio feed.


We ask that everyone joining us for an in-person Sunday service would wear a face mask. Children under the age of 5 are exempt from this requirement. All volunteers and ministry teams will continue to be required to wear masks, except when on stage.

In an effort to protect our church family and guests, with a specific concern for the elderly, young children, and those who are immunocompromised, we are extending our mask wearing requirements as a request to all who enter the building on a Sunday morning.  Our desire is to reduce the risk for these groups, provide an atmosphere where everyone feels safe to attend, and do everything we can to make sure that the church doors continue to stay open.  

If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask, we ask that you would continue joining us online for Sunday service for the time being, instead of attending an in-person service, in order to protect those vulnerable groups listed above. As current conditions pose a higher risk to those who are vulnerable, we want to do everything we can to keep everyone safe, and we appreciate your partnership with us in that approach. We know that this is a sensitive issue, and thank our entire congregation for their flexibility and understanding.

Note: We continue to follow the Region of Waterloo’s mask requirements for public spaces.  When those guidelines change, we will update our policies accordingly!

What to Expect When You Arrive


  • Our friendly and helpful volunteers (ushers, greeters, etc.) will be ready to help!
  • Additional hand-sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the building.
  • No offering plates will be passed. Instead, the Easy Giving desk will be open in the Atrium for guests who want to give in person. We continue to recommend online giving at this time.


  • If you (or anyone in your household) are feeling sick, if you have health concerns, or if you have been in contact with anyone who is sick, please stay home and join us online.
  • Please wash your hands, use hand sanitizer often, and use proper methods with a sneeze or cough (into your arm, not your hands).
  • Please respect the personal health decisions of others.


Do I have to reserve a seat?

No!  Registration for services is no longer necessary. 

Are kids able to stay in the sanctuary?

Kids are always welcome to sit in the sanctuary with their parents!  

Are nursery or any kids programs available?

Yes! See the Kids@Calvary section above for more details about classes and the Family Rooms.

Will washrooms be available?

Yes, washrooms will be available.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Masks are no longer required for Sunday services.  If you would prefer to wear a mask, you are more than welcome to do so.

Will Calvary Online still be available?

Yes!  You are more than welcome to continue worshipping with us on Calvary Online.  The Cambridge Campus service will be streamed live on Sundays at 11AM and then on demand.