Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance. It is laying hold of His willingness.

Martin Luther

“Can I play now?”, “Can I play now?”….. The incessant request from kids parents too often hear. My resolve to install order and discipline in my children meets its match in their persistent request to avoid work and pursue entertainment.

It seems parents and children are at odds when it comes to expectations. But having given substantial thought to expectations as a parent, my desire is for my children to have a fulfilled life. The very reason I require them to educate and train themselves is for their benefit. If children regarded the willingness of parents to advance their progress, they would not consider their instructions cumbersome.

So with prayer and fasting, sometimes we think we are twisting God’s arm before he relents and grants our desires. How beneficial would it be if we could lay hold of His willingness to give us an abundant life! How wise would it be to seek His desire for our lives! How joyful would it be to accomplish His will!

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!” Mathew 7:11

Let us then pray to God to have His will done in our lives and not ours.

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  • Les Trempe says:

    That is the God I’ve come too know. Good, capable, just, compassionate and WILLING.
    A good father whose purpose for me,plans for me ,protection and provision for me are motivated
    by His love for me.

  • Millie Parsons says:

    Why is taking time to STOP and set aside time to talk to the one and only one who gave His life for us seem so hard?
    Over the last 19 months I feel my journey with Christ has improved but it is still not were I would like it to be. My willingness to trust Him to lead my life has grown. I believe and trust that in God’s time my future will unfold when and how He sees best for me. This is exciting.
    Reading my bible before I start every day has become much easier but setting aside time to pray is a struggle. I tell myself that I talk to God all day long so I’m doing fine. I am comfortable with this because I talk to Him as if He were a friend who is at my side all day long. But even my friend(s) desire that I take time to sit down and focus on our conversation and listen to what is important to them. Praying is hard, finding time, what to say, feeling unworthy, I don’t feel I know how to pray are only excuses not reasons. If God was as faithful to me as I am to prayer my life, my life would be a mess. I want to pray “Lord help me to take time to pray” but I have failed so much in life that I am afraid that I would disappoint both myself and God. This too is just and excuse! I hope and “pray” that in the future I will be come determined to devote more time to prayer.