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  • Susan Brocklebank

Every Monday to Thursday from 9:30-11:30 for only $1.

Join one of the 9300 visitors we had in 2016! Bring your children to enjoy our kid-friendly facilities Monday to Thursday from 9:30 – 11:30. To gain access each person is expected to pay $1.

For specific dates when the playground opens and closes please join our Facebook Group by clicking here.


We have a large variety of activities beside the playground.

Play Place

Kids can climb up to the upper area of the tubes. With lots of windows you’ll be able to watch your kids the whole time!

The Ball Pit

The ball pit is the perfect place for kids of any age!

Parents Place

We even have a section for parents to hang out!

Susan Brocklebank

Playground Director

Hi and welcome to Playground! My name is Susan Brocklebank and I am currently living the dream! I am a mother of 3 great kids, wife to an amazing husband and father, and I get to hang out with the best little and big people that visit Playground week to week. I have been a member of Calvary for over 13 years and have volunteered with kids at the church since our children started in nursery.

Outside of my awesome job, I am a chauffeur for my kids activities and play-dates; renovator/decorator alongside my husband to our beautiful "work-in-progress" century home; and adventuring to near and far corners of Ontario in our 1970's camper during the summer AND winter months. I love to play baseball in the summer but I especially love dodge-ball all year long.

You will love the indoor Playground here at Calvary, and you do not have to be a Calvary attender to enjoy the use of the Playground. We hope to see you soon!

It's well-known all over Cambridge! You can buy a coffee and sit and chat with other moms and dads while the kids play, and there are age-appropriate activities from infant up to pre-school age. Well worth the price for burning off some energy! 😉

Steph PetersonMom of Two

Attending Calvary's Playground is always such a fantastic experience! It's a great way to meet fellow moms, a perfect place to arrange a playdate with friends and provides such a friendly, exciting, safe place for my kids to play!

Lindsay DeKoningMom of Three

Planning a visit? Or maybe you have a question about birthdays?