Some of our leaders recently journeyed through a book called “Leadership Pain” by Sam Chand, and it really was a fascinating read for us. It spoke of pain being a necessary part of growth in our lives. Essentially, Sam writes that ‘pain is a part of progress, and anything that grows experiences some pain along the way.’ If I avoid all pain and discomfort, I’m avoiding growth.

Pain presents itself various ways in our lives, and now that we’re 5 days into our time of fasting, many of us have experienced the ‘pain’ of self discipline as well. There’s a parallel for us to consider here, and I want to borrow a term from Sam’s book to share why. This idea highlights the importance of walking through difficulties in life with “Pain Partners”.

The life application is obvious, and reveals the value of us bringing others into our personal fasting journey. Of course, there is an extreme to this, where it becomes more about self promotion than spiritual breakthrough.

But when we do this properly, it helps our fasting to be more effective. We can share the details of our commitment with each other. We can support one another with prayer. We can be encouraged when it gets hard, and remind each other that the evidence of pain is a good sign we’re getting somewhere! We can talk about what God is speaking to our hearts, and we can celebrate \ when God starts doing a new work (and when the fast is over too!).

Going through challenging times alone is much harder than going through them with key people helping us along the way. So, if you haven’t done so already, perhaps I can inspire you today to reach out to someone and invite them to be your fasting ‘pain partner’.