I was working as a home framer for a little ‘mom and pop’ construction company in Blenheim, ON to save up for my second year of university. The difference was, this summer I was moving to Lakeland Florida where the sun never leaves your side, and you could literally smell coconut oil just about everywhere.  I know, that’s a bit dramatic, but I was on cloud 9 at the thought of living in the sunny south and pursuing my passion.

Once I moved down there and got all my things unpacked, I quickly felt loss in the pit of my stomach. Why would I feel this way? I had a huge opportunity right before me and there was an excitement all around the campus. What did this mean? Is this what “home sick” feels like?

I wrestled with God about this in prayer. He had removed me from all that I knew besides breathing air, and eating 3 times a day. My family wasn’t close, and I didn’t have a phone or a vehicle. My 5 best buddies that I grew up with weren’t around to chew the fat and we certainly didn’t have Facebook or Hockey Night In Canada. This might sound shallow, but as a young man on my own, it’s all I felt I had.

It wasn’t until all of those great connections, and luxuries were removed that I realized it was God and I!

I had to find myself in Christ. I grew up in a Christian home and my parents were awesome to feed me spiritually and raise me in environments of worship and the church. I needed to find this personal relationship with God for myself in a new way. Little did I know it required the removal of everything I knew for that to happen. To find my first love in Christ meant removing what was familiar, expected and common in my everyday life.

God revealed Himself to me and I am so grateful for those days even though it hurt for a while.  He also showed me who I am in Him and it gave me more purpose than I had ever felt.  The picture became clearer and my relationship with Him deepened from that day on.

In our time of “removal” during the fast, be reminded today that God is going to do something great in your life that might not have happened, had we not set aside the pattern that we often trek through life in.  God is doing a new thing today and He will fill the void with spiritual food!


God, give us the ability today to be aware of your voice, Your calling and Your desire in my life!

Scripture Reading: 

  • Romans 12:2
  • Colossians 3:1-3
  • 2 Corinthians 5:17
  • Galatians 2:20

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  • Cliff Wagner says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us
    As I was reading your devotion it reminded me that, as our journey through a life with Christ continues
    we start to get homesick for a home God is preparing for those who love him
    At this stage of my life I can truly say, as the great Gospel hymn say’s
    I get so homesick the longer i go
    My hope is that I can inspire others to come with me

    P.S You, Lindsay and worship teams give me a taste of what our final destination will be like as we sit around God’s throne
    worshipping Him
    Love you gu’s

  • Millie Parsons says:

    Thank you for sharing this devotion with us. Thank you for leading us in Praise and Worship each week.
    Our everyday lives are full of and devoted to so much that we become addicted to “work, responsibilities, entertainment and desires. Family and friends also take up a big chunk of our time. Than there are all the other road bocks that the enemy throws in our path to distract us. Often the last thing we do is give time to developing a deeper relationship with God.
    God has shown me many times (especially in the last couple of years) how much better life is when I take time to develop my relationship with him and trust that my future is in his hands. A couple of gospel song that I love are the old hymn “Just a closer walk with Thee” and “As the deer panth for the water”.
    Lord help us to keep our eyes on the sky as we wait for your return, draw each of your children closer to you and help us to “make Jesus famous”
    so that other may come to know you as Lord and Saviour.

  • Dorothy Champagnie says:

    Found this to be very helpful.