I’m not sure if you are anything like me, but I LOVE when my kitchen table is completely empty! I love when I don’t have to clear anything off it knowing I can set the table for dinner without any interference.

The kitchen table is a place our family comes together after a busy day. It’s a place of community, peace, and fellowship; it’s where we get to look each other in the eyes and talk about what is on our heart. It is also a place where manners are learned, life lessons are taught, and a place where we can express our love to each other!

As much as I would love a clear table all the time, there are some days where my kitchen table is a giant mess! Often, our kids will use it to make slime, do crafts, build Lego, colour, just to name a few! We begin to use it as a desk to pay bills, catch up on some work or even fold laundry. Papers start to collect, things get left on it, and eventually the table is FULL of clutter!

When this happens it feels like it is way too much work to empty everything off and clean it. We then decide to eat in front of the TV – distracted by the noise of others instead of listening to each other.

It is an amazing time for us at Calvary to ‘clear the table’ of our spiritual lives during the 21 days of fasting! So often we let things build up in our lives that shouldn’t even be there. Things begin to take the place where God use to be – TV, work, addictions, Facebook, food, etc. It happens slowly over time, so eventually we barely even notice how much room it has taken up!

Sometimes it feels as though it is too much work to clear everything off the table. It would be easier just to go to another room and ignore the fact that the mess is even there!

God is asking us to make room for Him! He wants us to rid our tables of any distractions and unnecessary clutter so that He has a place at our table again! “Jesus says to each one of us, “Loving Me empowers you to obey My Word and My Father will love you so deeply that We will come to you and make you our dwelling place.” (John 14:23 Passion)

God wants to make US His dwelling place because He loves us! He wants to have community, peace and fellowship with us! He wants to look into our eyes and talk to us about what is on our heart. He wants to teach us, mentor us, and LOVE on us each and every day! We just have to be willing to make room!

Is there room at your table today?

– Lindsay Kivell

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