A number of years ago, when our family started our journey as foster parents, we grabbed hold of a phrase that really helped us go all in with this new adventure. That quote is: “Do Hard Things.”

Most times, we get a pretty common response from people after sharing our fostering journey with them. “Wow I don’t think I could do THAT…”, which is usually followed up with “Isn’t that SO hard?”

Now let me put this into perspective. I know there are many other things people are called to do that are just as hard & God honouring, if not even more, than ours. That being said, this is our calling, and as much as we’ve embraced it with hearts full of joy, there have been really difficult moments along the way as well. And we would do it all over again, and again, and again.

So what does all this have to do with fasting? Well, now that you asked…

We live in a world that is always striving to make our lives EASIER. People gravitate toward easy, and will even pay a premium for it. Shorter waits. Quicker checkouts. Faster service. More comfort and convenience. Less hassle and heartache. As little physical activity as possible.

All this is great when it comes to getting groceries, using technology, booking a vacation, and taking care of all the other activities of life.

But, like many other things in the kingdom of God, our faith journey is much more successful under different principles. Hence our 21 days of fasting and prayer.

I’m guessing that after eight days, you’ve probably figured out that this is not easy at all! Maybe you’re nodding at this point in the email. Maybe you’re shouting amen! Either way we understand that the pathway to finding God often leads us to be intentional in making the “harder” choice.

Do you remember what Jesus said about things like this? He said the road that leads away from God is easy and many are walking along it. He also said the road that leads to God is hard and few are travelling on it.


That’s right. HARD things. If you’re getting groceries, go ahead and make it easy. But if you’re going after God, don’t be afraid to make it hard. Don’t be afraid to embrace the more difficult path. This is where God is found.

I would never say that God is hard to find. But it’s not easy and automatic either! There is definitely a connection between the price we pay, and the reward we receive.

So let’s all carry on, and with hearts full of expectation, be a somebody who’s not afraid to do hard things!