Ah, the finish line, you can see it from here.

If you close your eyes, you can visualize your friends and family cheering you on, waiting on the other side for you to break through the rope. What a perfect time to ease up, start a nice, light jog and casually finish your 21 days of fasting, right?

Hey, there’s no shame in that, completing 21 days is a feat unto itself (can I get an “AMEN!”) However it’s important to remember how you finish this fast will say a lot about how you will use the nudges, revelations, insights and corrections the Lord has shown you these last 3 weeks.

I say Matthew 6:16-18 is to fasting what 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is to weddings; if you’ve ever been a part of either, you know those verses! In Matthew 6 Jesus’ is continuing His world changing ‘Sermon on the Mount’, by teaching us how to properly fast. He wants to ensure we present ourselves strong and not lean on what we’ve had to give up in honour of the one who gave up everything for us. Don’t look for sympathy He says, because if you do, than that will be your reward.

Okay, that makes sense, but have you ever stopped to think about why the Lord is so concerned with how we fast? I mean, we know the Bible verses about it, we can recite them, but do we really know the purpose?

I think you know where I’m going with this…

We are pushing to something bigger. Something much more important than a collective pat on the back from those around us, WE WANT TO SEE JESUS! What He has to say to us, where He is guiding us, how we can better worship Him; whatever He wants to say, we want to know it.

So if that truly is our goal, and we’re almost at the end, can I encourage you to push just a little harder as you complete your fast?

Can you find an extra 15 minutes on top of what you’re already doing and ask the Lord to speak to you? Can you find one extra person that could use an encouraging word or helping hand on top of all the love you show to others? Listen to one extra sermon, go one day extra in your devotional, one extra podcast, create a new worship playlist, add 3 new names to your prayer list; allow yourself to receive every bit of revelation the Lord has for you.

Many people that push through the end of their fast with strength notice the greatest moments of breakthrough in this window of time.

Lean on your Father in heaven, who is prepared to reward you for all of your effort done in secret, and let His Holy Spirit sustain you and give you the strength not just to finish this fast… but finish it well.

Chris Shaban

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