Let’s be honest with each other right off the top… Fasting is not something many of us really enjoy doing (Amen?!?!). It’s like that required high school or university class that we know we need to graduate, but we put off taking the class for as long as possible because we know in advance how challenging it’s going to be and how much effort it will require of us. “Sign me up for an easy elective, please!”

But just like how that difficult class at school will open your mind up to new areas of learning, expanding your knowledge, and showing you new parts of the world that you might not have even known existed before, fasting can be life-expanding for us as well, showing us more of God than we ever knew was possible.

You probably started this fast two weeks ago and right away began realizing a lot about yourself.

• “Wow, I sure snack a lot.”
• “I eat mainly for my comfort and convenience, not my health.”
• “I had no idea how often I log in to my social media throughout my day.”
• “I have some really unhealthy patterns and behaviors.”
• “I’ve become pretty apathetic in my prayer life.”

It’s good to get clarity about ourselves, but the more you’ve engaged in this fast, I pray that your perspective has shifted off of yourself and by now you’ve begun realizing even more about God. Those realizations will be very individual and personal and I won’t even try to guess what they have been for you.

What I can say for myself is that the truth of Scripture has been ringing in my heart in new ways, speaking strength into me and reminding me of His priorities for my life. It is His Presence I want above all else, His face I am seeking. I’ve tried to come into this fast without an agenda of my own, as I really want to hear from Him about whatever it is He wants to reveal to me. “Draw near, God. I am listening.”

One Scripture in particular feels like a bell ringing over and over in my spirit…

Psalms 73:28 NIV “But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works.”

I’m sure glad I finally took this class, er, I mean this fast. I trust that you are too.

Carrie Johnston

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