Proverbs 19:2 say’s it very well: Desire without knowledge is not good– how much more will hasty feet miss the way!

How often are we busy, gaining our own ground, earning our own way, climbing a new mountain of success, or achieving greater results… you get the point! The world around us says to keep going until you reach the top. It is beckoning us to action all the time. I’ve heard a couple phrases like this “If you’re not bleeding, you’re not working” and “If you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards”. The truth is, inaction is often viewed as being lazy, unmotivated or even being too safe in life.

A few years ago I decided to build a deck, and my aim was to design as I go. You know where this is headed don’t you? I had a vision of enjoying a nice summer evening while barbequing a big juicy steak (sorry) and taking in the summer sun. That was my desire but the knowledge and plan was not in place. This became very costly as I made many trips to the hardware store, disassembled sections of the deck that I had just built, as I wasn’t very happy with the plan and I wasted great amount of time and energy. Had I collected the right knowledge, and slowed the process down on the front end of the project, I likely would’ve enjoyed the deck sooner.

Inaction might actually be one of the truest postures of worship in today’s world. When in our day are we still? Are we listening? Are we seeking God’s wisdom? Fasting puts the brakes on many motivations, desires, and gives rest to our “muscle memory” like decisions and processes. Now, I’m not saying we should all cozy up on the couch, and do nothing all day and everyday. I’m simply saying, Inaction is a great starting point and posture to hear the voice of God more clearly; to not come to Him with the answer to our questions, but rather get our ears in a position to hear His voice.

Fasting allows us the opportunity to gather the right information from God as we seek Him for many different reasons. We all likely know the feeling of being hasty and making a quick uninformed decision and have reaped the unfortunate consequences. But today my challenge to you is to simply to slow down your day, ask to hear the voice of God speak wisdom and truth into your journey. Psalm 46:10 says that God will be exalted among the nations and on earth as we are still and know that He is God.

I pray the Lord gives you insight and knowledge today as you seek Him during this 21 days of fasting and prayer.

God Bless you!
Pastor Graham Kivell

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