Day 1: The ‘Why’ Behind the ‘What’

By Pastor Jeff Johnston (January 9, 2022)

We just launched our 21 days of fasting and prayer at Calvary, and our hearts are full of expectation as we begin this important journey of seeking God together.  It’s day ONE, and most people have now decided WHAT to fast. This is an important commitment to make, in choosing what you’ll be giving up for the next 3 weeks. Now, it is equally important to know WHY you’re fasting.
This is the step that many miss, and one I don’t want you to overlook. People fast for many different reasons. Some need a physical healing. Some fast for someone they love to come to faith in Jesus. Others are asking God to guide them in a big life decision. People fast for a breakthrough in their marriage/family, or a friendship that’s under duress. Most importantly, people fast to grow closer to God.
Whatever YOUR focus is – make it clear and write it down. Tell someone about your faith-filled expectations. Make it your daily focus in prayer and bring this need to God every day! On our last day of this fast (Sunday January 30th), we’ll be having a special prayer moment at church, inviting everyone to bring their requests to God as we close out the fast.  It will be a powerful time of coming before Him one more time to seek the breakthroughs we need!

On a final note, we launched the fast with a great service at Calvary this morning – so be sure to tune in (or share it with someone else) using THIS LINK. Praying God’s BEST over you during these 3 weeks!

Pastor Jeff

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