Day 8: What Fills Us

By Carrie Johnston (January 25, 2021)

Luke 1:53 Passion Translation “Those who hunger for him will always be filled, but the smug and self-satisfied he will send away empty.”

I know what it’s like to be “smug and self-satisfied.” At 21 years old, I had found a guy who could cook and he wanted to marry me. I had it made!

When Jeff and I married, I couldn’t cook AT ALL. The extent of my culinary skills extended to boiling pasta and heating up sauce. I figured since Jeff could cook, he would do ALL the cooking. However, he hadn’t actually agreed to this wonderful idea in my head. I quickly learned that if I only wanted to eat occasionally, I’d be ok, but if I wanted to be full every day (and I did!), I was going to have to learn to cook. My hunger drove me to change. Thankfully I had recipe books and a patient husband!

Nowadays if we need information, we “Google it”. If we need a tutorial for anything, we have Youtube. If we need directions, we have GPS. It makes me wonder if this is why fasting is so difficult. We have gotten so used to quick solutions for everything. We are full to bursting with information, food and any number of material goods. We are not acquainted with true hunger and we certainly don’t deprive ourselves of anything that makes us feel good. I’m afraid we can all be a little smug and self-satisfied.

And yet, fasting reminds us of what true hunger is and what true hunger is for…God and God alone.

When I am fasting something food specific, I can often be heard pushing back from the dinner table saying something like, “Well, I’ve eaten, I’m full, but I don’t feel satisfied.”

It is this feeling within me that helps me identify my true hunger. The discipline of fasting helps me to see where what has filled me up, has not actually satisfied my soul’s deepest need. My longing is for God alone.

When young Mary speaks her prophetic song in Luke 1: 46-55, she declares with boldness the praises of the Lord that she has come to know and trust. She does not yet know how her life will pan out, only that she has surrendered to the plans of God and that whatever is to come, God will be faithful to fill those who hunger for him. She has no Google, no Youtube, no GPS, but she does have an unwavering faith that the God she has tied her life to, will be enough for her.


Lord, I pray today that I would be able to clearly recognize my true hunger and that it would lead me to You, the only one that can truly fill me up. Let my satisfaction be in You.

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