Day 6: Chasing Vultures

By Pastor Sean Brophey (January 22, 2021)

Read: Genesis 15:1-11 (see verse 11)

“Some vultures swooped down to eat the carcasses, but Abram chased them away.”

Have you ever been driving down the highway and found yourself noticing roadkill and circling birds overhead? Once your vehicle comes within range of the birds you find them scattering and flying away pretty quickly.

In this passage we see a similar picture as Abram is preparing a very important sacrifice for the Lord. God is making a powerful promise to Abraham, known as the Abrahamic covenant. During this period in history, these kind of contracts were signed by literally walking through the pieces of the sacrifice as a sign to the other party that your life was tied to this promise.

Abram was waiting upon the Lord’s arrival when vultures came and tried to take the sacrifice that had been set out for God! This is where I want you to camp your thoughts today. While Abram was waiting on God, the birds came in and tried to steal what was meant for the Lord.

You and I should not be surprised when we take time to pursue God such as fasting and prayer, that we encounter opposition from the enemy. Jesus even paints a similar picture when he describes the seed being pecked away by the birds in the parable of the sower (see Mark 4:4).

The vultures today could be worry, fear, habitual sin, distraction from God’s plan and many other things. Let’s be more like Abram though and chase those vultures away whatever they may be today knowing that our lives belong to Jesus. Don’t let the enemy steal your sacrifice!


God, I know sometimes it is hard to focus on you in today’s world. Help me to be patient and wait on you this year. Help me to stay on guard for when the enemy tries to steal my sacrifice that is meant for you. Amen

Today's Worship Song