Day 4: Come Alive!

By Christopher Shaban (January 20, 2021)

Today’s Reading: James 1

The start of the year always brings about some hopes for a new beginning! We’re looking for change to come, and for us to continue being molded into who the Lord made us to be.

Stepping into that reality, your true reality, isn’t tied to your current situation, your shame, your mistakes, a 1pm press conference from Queens Park or your bank account.

No, it’s tied to your belief that Jesus has a purpose for your life every minute of every day. God has equipped you in power to move in your gifting; it’s the reason He put you on this earth.

“Get your motor running. Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure. In whatever comes our way.”

Look at those song lyrics and ask yourself, did you ever feel that type of excitement? A time when you weren’t held back by false realities, fear, COVID, guilt, anger, impiety… you can fill in your own blank here.

Let me be clear – whatever is burdening you is very real, but God knew the challenges you’d face, and He allowed them. Why? To develop the character and faith within you to fulfill your purpose. Read James 1 and you’ll see that Jesus’ brother got it. (SEE: James 1:2-4)

So, as you’re getting ready to launch into God’s purpose for you this year, remember… you were uniquely built to be exactly who you are for this exact time in history. 


Lord, today I ask that you would reveal and remove anything that stands in my way from achieving your ultimate purpose in my life. Help me to come alive in you!

Today's Worship Song