Day 10: Sing Your Heart Out

By Sam Espindola (January 26, 2021)

We are almost halfway into our fasting – way to go! You might have held on without a struggle, and if that’s the case…Praise the Lord! If you’re like the rest of us humans, you might have stumbled a moment or two, or found yourself flirting with the idea of stumbling more and more often.

Well, hold fast! Or better yet, hold your fast! (forgive my dad joke, I couldn’t help it.) A great way I find to persevere when I’m on the brink of stumbling is to SING! Exodus 15:2a says “The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.”

It’s curious that out of all the nouns Moses could have chosen to describe what God is to him, he uses “strength” and “song”. There’s something about singing that expresses that which words and thoughts alone cannot. We sing in joy and in sorrow. Singing moves us in inexplicable ways.

When we hear others sing, we can find strength from their song. When we sing ourselves, we experience release and sometimes, relief. If God is our song, we express what He is to us with melodies and we approach Him in intimacy. It is there that we find strength.

So, if you are thinking about chocolate (or anything else you’re giving up) too much, then sing. Sing your heart out!


Lord, be my strength and my song. If I am feeling down, hallelujah. If I’m feeling joyful, hallelujah. You have given us victory!

Today's Worship Song